7 Types of Kurtis To Wear With Jeans: Evergreen Styles For Women

Different types of kurti styles 

Kurti is the most versatile garment for women that they can wear on almost all types of occasions. You’re on this page to find out some ideas of Kurti designs combinations. Yes, you are at the right place! Here, you can find some of the best types of kurtis and trendy ideas to wear with jeans. This will sort out the confusion of women and will allow them to choose the perfect Kurti style as per their body type and preferences.

Keep checking to find types of Kurti styles and their combination ideas with jeans!

Different Types of Kurti Styles for Women

Not only just versatile but Kurtis are elegant as well as comfortable to wear for women of all age groups. If you haven’t tried wearing a kurti then you should definitely give it a try and experience the comfort by yourself. It can be paired with several bottom wears like leggings, churidars, skirts, jeans, etc. The most common choice is jeans. Later in this blog, we’ll also discuss Kurti styling ideas with jeans. 

Different patterns of kurti designs are available in the market. Only add the right accessories to make it a perfect fit for the occasion. Be it traditional, Indo western, or work wear, Kurtis are fit for all situations. Which one to select is a common confusion that women face? If you know your body type then you can easily figure out which kurta design for women is suitable for you. Check out the few common types of Kurti that are in trend too:

1. A-Line Kurti Style

A line kurti for women

Among all the types of kurtis available in the market, A line kurti for women is considered the most popular among young girls. In this simple kurti design, it flares down from the waist in a formation of the alphabet ‘A’. The length of the kurti depends upon the wearer’s choice, that is knee length, ankle length, or calf length. The latest kurti design in A-line style can be worn on any formal occasion or on casual occasions like festivals. All you need to do is accessorise the outfits according to the occasion you’re aiming to wear them. 

2. Long Straight Kurti Style

Long straight kurti

 As per current trends, lots of women prefer long straight Kurtis. These long kurtis look perfect when paired with Skinny jeans. However, they can also be worn with tights, dhoti pants, straight pants, Palazzo, etc. Further, it can be layered with ethnic jackets. Trendy long kurti with jeans can be worn at day outings, brunches, or parties. Even a long kurti with jeans can become perfect office wear if you choose professional design Kurtis. 

3. Anarkali Kurti Style

Anarkali kurti

One of the evergreen ladies’ kurta styles that existed from the time of the Mughal e Azam movie is Anarkali Kurti. In this movie, Madhubala wore these types of dresses while playing the character of Anarkali. That’s where this type of kurti got its name from. It can be worn on all types of occasions be it formal parties, casual events, college, or office. When this style made a comeback in the fashion industry, initially, women used to wear this type of party wear Kurtis with churidar or leggings but later on, it was replaced by skirts, palazzos, pants, and jeggings. 

4. Tail Cut Kurti Style

Tail cut kurti

The Kurtis that are longer from behind and short in front is known as the tail Kurtis. These kurtis are similar to the asymmetric style of kurti. The plain kurti design can be paired with jeans, stockings, leggings, and jeggings. To add flare to this plain outfit you can also include an ethnic jacket with it. This will instantly make you appear glamorous and trendy. If paired with the right set of footwear and accessories it can be worn to club parties and several other casual occasions. Stylish peep toes or ankle strap heels go well with this outfit. 

5. Dhoti Style Kurti

Dhoti style kurtis for ladies

These days lots of new kurti designs keep on hitting the market. One such designer style of kurti is the dhoti kurtis. It is now in trend and has both traditional and modern appeal. Dhoti style kurtis for ladies is a stylish kurti design that comes with unusual drapes yet is comfortable to wear. They are loose from the waist down but body hugging. The best thing about these kurti styles is that they can be worn bottomless like a dress. You can try the combination of peplum kurtis with dhoti salwars.  But you can pair it with stockings, leggings, and tights as well.  

6. Side Slit Kurti

Side slit kurti

Although kurtis are the basic dresses for Indian women still if you are looking for a fashionable, sophisticated look in it then side slit kurtis are the best choice. Several designs and patterns of slit kurtis are available and owning them will add to your style improvement. Modern side-cut kurti design when paired with torn jeans or cigarette pants, offers you a flattering look. 

7. Front Slit Kurti

Front slit kurti

Among all other styles of women’s kurtis front open kurti design is super comfortable as well as trending. Along with the ease of wearing, the long kurtis with a front cut add an instant alluring appeal to your stance. While making you appear sophisticated and charming, the front-cut kurti with jeans enable you to stay comfortable. 

These are some of the popular and trending types of Kurti styles. You can opt for any of these for whatever occasion you may have. All that is required with your kurti outfit is the best accessories according to the intensity of the occasion. Accessories that can be added include watches, studs, pendants, belts, scarves, etc. Besides accessories, pick your footwear depending on the type of event. 

Types of Kurtis To Wear With Jeans – Kurti and Jeans Combination

Types of kurtis to wear with jeans - kurti and jeans combination

If you feel strenuous to select the right outfit every day and are wondering which type of kurtis blends well with jeans then continue reading. The jeans and kurti combination is a timeless trend and when the right kurti is combined that elevates your everyday look instantly. Whether you want to wear it for your office, a friend’s get-together, or hang out, then the selection of kurtis will differ. Check out some of the killer kurti combinations with jeans:

1. Plain Kurti with Jeans: Brag out your calmness

Plain kurti with jeans

There’s nothing simpler and more elegant than a plain kurti with jeans combination. It can be called every girl’s outfit. Choose a grey kurti combination or any other solid colour combination and enhance your overall personality. A plain and simple kurti gives a sophisticated aspect to your look. Further, to add more charm, include a waistcoat in prints with this combination. Comfy footwear and casual jeans will surely offer the desirable charm.

2. White Kurti with Blue jeans: Epitome of Elegance

White kurti with blue jeans

If you are wondering how to style long kurti with jeans then try the combination of white kurti with blue jeans. This is a must-try style and without a doubt, the high slit will offer a definition to your look. In recent times lots of women are trying white kurti designs with jeans. If you are a college girl and want to become a style icon then pair the long white kurti with ripped jeans. 

3. Kurti with denim Jacket: Dashing combination with Jeans

Kurti with denim jacket

Denim is a favourite bottom wear of almost all youngsters. If you want to find out how to style a kurti with jeans then one of the best outfit ideas is to layer with a denim jacket. Opt for a short Kurti with Jeans and add a denim jacket to it. This is an unbeatable combination especially when you opt for a black short kurti for jeans. Whether you want to style for a formal or casual occasion or for your work, this black kurti with a denim jacket is a top-notch style. However, make sure the colour of the jacket complements the colour of the jeans.  

4. Black Kurti combination with Jeans: A Subtle Impressive Appearance

Black kurti combination with jeans

One of the most pretty combinations for girls is a black kurti with jeans. The best thing about this combination is that it allows you to appear trendy be it a casual day out or a formal party. You can opt for long kurtis to wear with jeans and opt for kurtis in any shade of blue. Some other designs of black kurti combination are simple net kurti designs, side cut long kurti with jeans, designer long kurti with jeans, and flare kurti with straight jeans. The type of design combination you select will allow you to flaunt your fashion sense accordingly. 

5. Pink Kurti with Jeans: The Magnificent Combination

Pink kurti with jeans

After a long day at work when you made up plans for an outing you keep wondering what type of kurti to wear with jeans. A pink kurti is a versatile piece and is available in every women’s wardrobe. Pick it up and pair it with your casual jeans. Everyone wants to look pretty and stylish without putting up much effort or time. A georgette kurti jeans will be the best pick. pink is such a colour that suits almost every skin. Further, you can add ethnic jackets or denim jackets to this outfit according to the occasion you are going to attend. Always make sure the type of kurti you select makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

6. Front Slit Kurti with Jeans: A Ravishing Combination

Front slit kurti with jeans

If you want to look stylish and try something similar to Western outfits but don’t want to experiment with other dress types then a front slit kurti is the best choice. Choose a pink kurti with jeans that are slit and it will enable you to showcase the best chic look. Add on some elegant pieces of accessories like a classy watch or a premium sleek neckpiece and you can easily obtain a western stylish look in this ravishing combination. 

7. Short Kurti with Jeans: An Ultimate Trending Outfit

Short kurti with jeans

Long kurtis are currently trending and are every woman’s favourite. But short kurtis are not lesser in any aspect. If you want to find out how to look stylish in a kurti then select any type of short kurti and pair it with jeans. You can wear this elegant combination as a party dress or even for attending any semi-formal event. Ash colour kurti combination is quite popular in the range of short kurtis. In case you have plans to attend the event in the daytime then choose a short yellow kurti with jeans. 

Hope, now you have some elegant combinations of kurti with jeans for women handy. Pick any of the combinations and the right kurti design to appear in your desired look. The ideas shared here are not only meant for young girls but for women of all age groups. Without delay pick a kurti jeans combination and style out in your best look!

Frequently Asked Question

1. What types of Kurti can be worn with jeans?

A. When you opt for a kurti with jeans combination then almost all kurti designs fit well. Some of the common kurti designs to pair with jeans include long kurti, short kurti, side slit kurti, flare kurti, and front slit kurti. You must select the type of kurti according to the occasion. 

2. Can we pair Chikankari Kurtis with Jeans?

Yes, Chikankari Kurtis can be paired with jeans as everyday wear. Choose the kurti one size larger and you can easily obtain a comfy and relaxed look in that combination. Most importantly the Chikankari kurtis with jeans combination is trending and many celebrities have been spotted in them.

3. How to look stylish in Kurti with jeans?

A. To appear stylish in a kurti with jeans combination, firstly select the right design type that includes long, short, flared, side slit, and front slit. After you have selected the design choose an appropriate colour option. When you want to pair it with blue jeans then choose subtle colours like white, black, and blue. Further, you can add an ethnic jacket or denim jacket to this outfit to appear trendy. 

4. Is Kurti Traditional wear?

A. Kurtis are the most versatile clothes for women. A large section of Indian women wear it as a traditional outfit. However, various designer kurtis, short kurtis, and slitted kurtis when paired with jeans offer a western touch to your look. 

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