15 Types Of Shorts For Men – How To Style Shorts Correctly

Different types of shorts for men
different types of shorts for men

Every man’s comfortable and essential item in their wardrobe is shorts. Undoubtedly, men’s shorts are the perfect combination of style and functionality throughout the summer and the rainy days of monsoon. Stylish shorts for men are versatile and suitable for any season or occasion. You can easily change your fashion style, whether you want to dress up or keep things casual, so you always look your best. Well, when considering how to wear shorts, on a relaxed Saturday at work, think of pairing them with a formal shirt. Apart from that, when preparing for a long drive or an adventure-filled trip, they are a perfect combination of relaxed fashion as well as ease. 

Are you tired of wearing tedious outfits even in the hot heat? Well, don’t worry! Here you will find different types of shorts for men. So, go through this blog to know about men’s shorts fashion. 

Different Types Of Shorts For Men

Men’s shorts are available in many different styles, but how can you pick the one that best suits your style? Knowing the various styles of shorts and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe is exactly what matters.

1. Cargo Shorts 

This kind of half shorts are composed of khaki fabric. Cargo Shorts, also known as short pants for men, are perfect for trekking or hiking adventures. They feature multiple pockets on each side. These pockets provide a lot of space for storing trekking essentials such as a compass or scissors. On the other hand, because they have few flapping pockets and a more elegant design, they are appropriate for casual situations as well.

They are one of the men’s bottom outfits that pairs well with various t-shirts and stylish footwear. If you want to grab people’s attention, you can pair them with printed shirts that have eye-catching slogans.

2. Swim Shorts

Usually composed of a synthetic material such as nylon, they have an inner mesh lining that facilitates rapid drying.  As implied by the name, swim shorts are designed for men to wear while swimming in various water bodies. Among the types of shorts, they are made to be comfortable in the water for a longer duration yet have a shorter length.

Also known as swim trunks, they stand alone as a complete swimwear option. Due to their primary use for swimming, they offer the convenience of being worn without additional clothing, ensuring a comfortable swim experience for the person. 

3. Printed Shorts

Previously, guys were big fans of one of the popular kinds, printed shorts. However, a decline in demand occurred due to unfavourable prints. Now, they’re making a comeback with vibrant multi-coloured stripes and different designs.

When it comes to styling, you can pair them easily with block-coloured shirts and t-shirts. Wide-collared T-shirts and Oxford shirts are the most worn combination. You’ll be ready for some attention from spectators if you pair it with sneakers and sunglasses.

4. Flat Front Shorts

Among the many different types of shorts, this style is the most common. They have a regular and simple fashion, with the fabric lying flat around the zipper, creating a sleek, low-waisted appearance. 

Flat-front shorts are the top choice for men seeking a classic pair that easily complements various shirts and footwear options.

5. Tennis Shorts

Crafted to offer good comfort to tennis players, this type of shorts typically extends above the knees, facilitating unrestricted movement. Because of the soft nature of its fabric, the wearer is kept dry and comfortable even when engaging in hard physical activity. 

Tennis shorts are usually made of soft fabric for good airflow and reach above the knee. Wear it for an upcoming sporting event or while jogging on a daily basis around your comfortable waist.  Pair it with a stretchy t-shirt and you’re ready to play.

6. Linen Shorts

As daily wear shorts go, Linen Shorts come out as a top choice for summer attire, particularly essential if you’re planning a trip this season. Crafted from lightweight and breathable linen fabric, they pair easily with a multitude of shirt and t-shirt options.

For a casual summertime day out, they are perfect. They go nicely with round-neck T-shirts or collared polo shirts. They come in a variety of lengths, from extremely short to below-the-knee versions.

7. Plaid Shorts

Are you trying to show a stylish outfit without much effort? Plaid shorts are available in a variety of colours and even in light-coloured checkered patterns. For outdoor occasions like picnics during the day, they are seen to be the ideal choice.

Polo shirts and Oxford shirts go nicely with them. For a semi-formal occasion, you may also pair them with button-down shirts and crewneck shirts. For these kinds of events, don’t forget to choose a solid colour.

8. Running Shorts

These types of shorts for men are too comfy and are best suited for running and other sports. Now designed slightly longer, extending just beyond the knee men love them for spring and summer trips. You can style the running shorts with a tee. If you want a stylish look try to pair the dark colour bottomwear with shirts in a light colour. Ending just below the 

knee, they allow you to wear both flats and shoes for a ruggedly stylish appearance.

9. Denim Shorts

Undoubtedly, the one item that may be worn with different kinds of outfits is denim. Denim shorts fit tightly, almost like another layer on your thighs. Available in both loose and fitted styles, they also come in various sizes. Once a popular fashion core, though not extremely popular among today’s generation guys.

A block-coloured T-shirt will look good with jeans half pant for man. Take advantage of the denim’s stunning effect on onlookers by teaming it with sneakers or sports shoes for a strong style. 

10. Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts are one of the more preferred styles for men’s shorts fashion that you can wear to an upscale occasion and still look good in. Whether you are sitting or walking, the pleats add an elegant and vintage style. Paired with a crew-neck t-shirt or polo shirt, they can be worn easily. Your sleek outfit with a friendly vibe is complete with a chic pair of sneakers in colours that complement your shirt.

11. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda bottoms, also identified as dress or walk shorts are a specific style of short pants for men that are knee-length. They are usually worn as semi-casual outfits. They are a good option for coastal places because of their knee length, lightweight material, and different colours. Combine them with a light-coloured button-down shirt or simple t-shirt and loafers or casual shoes for a relaxed vibe. A linen shirt looks good with sneakers or flip-flops for beach trips.

12. Formal Shorts Men

Among the types of shorts for men, formal shorts men are another popular name. They are appropriate for smart-casual or semi-formal dress codes as they often have tailored designs, strong fabrics, and elegant finishes. Wear them with loafers and a clean button-down shirt for a perfect smart look for dinners, activities outside, or even casual Fridays at work. Choose formal bottoms in classic hues like khaki, grey, or navy, and make sure the fit is right for an elegant look.

13. Chino Shorts

Chino shorts, which are stylish and comfy at the same time, are the most in vogue and trendy among all. The material of this bottomwear is one of their unique qualities. Usually constructed of 100% pure cotton, they are made of a soft twill fabric. To add a more formal and stylish edge to your outfit, tuck your chino shorts inside plain or patterned shirts. 

14. Sweat Shorts

How do you feel comfortable while yet looking stylish? Buy a high-quality style of sweat shorts that will keep you well on most casual days. A t-shirt and athletic sneakers would complete the look of this classic comfort clothing piece. In terms of design and fit, they truly represent the vogue of the athleisure clothing trend. 

15. Gym Shorts

Men’s gym shorts usually have an elastic waistband and are roomy. These half shorts have utility pockets that provide a lot of space for storing essentials as well as personal items. Mesh is a common option as it is one of the fabric types that allows air. Fast-drying gym bottoms are necessary to handle the sweat and moisture from exercising. They are often made of polyester, cotton, or a blend of polyester and spandex. Although an elastic waist is a common feature of this bottomwear, many also have drawstrings to allow you to modify the size as needed.

How to Wear Shorts Properly?

1. Combine with T-shirt

If you’re ever unsure of what to wear with shorts or tops go with them, you can always go with the classic look of pairing them with T-shirts. If you want a complete and unique look, pair bottoms with a polo t-shirt, V neck tee, or round t-shirt. If you’re going to the mall to relax or are going on a day trip with pals, sneakers or a pair of slip-ons can be a perfect choice for the situation. In summer, men should dress comfortably and in casual styles, like a T-shirt and shorts. Undoubtedly, they make perfect beachwear for men.

2. Get your perfect style with shirts

If someone ever suggests that shirts and shorts don’t complement each other, prove them wrong by showing how easily cool the combination can be. There are many ways to style a shirt and shorts outfit. You can opt for a tucked-in shirt with a belt for stylish shorts for men, or layer it with a t-shirt underneath to achieve a more urban street style vibe. Wear your favourite shoes to complete this outfit and make it look completely street-appropriate or semi-casual.

3. Combine with shoes

Loafers, sneakers, or slip-ons are all top notch options to match your shorts outfit, whatever your style preference, casual look, or dressy. Selecting the appropriate shoes to go with shorts is a challenging aspect. On the other hand, sneakers will always be appropriate for men wearing shorts.

Why Consider the Style of Shorts Before Buying?

To feel relaxed and comfortable in your clothing, it is important to think about the style of shorts before making a purchase. This ensures that it matches your particular preferences and the event you plan to wear it for. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Always choose the shorts that best suit your body shape. 
  • When you choose the top wear, consider the ideal fit of your upper wear when pairing it with shorts. Avoid pairing pleated ones with printed shirts.
  • Always choose the best types of shorts. To ensure comfort and style, you should choose shorter or knee-length styles. 
  • Pay attention to the small things; avoid lavish designs or overly trendy patterns that may quickly go out of style.
  • The perfect men’s shorts design is simple. 
  • Like trousers, shorts should fit comfortably. They feel at ease because of this.
  • If your legs are thicker or extra muscular, choose wider-legged shorts instead of ones that fit tightly over your thighs.

Which Trends Should You Avoid When Buying Shorts?

  • Avoid purchasing shorts that fall below your knees. Sitting down is uncomfortable for them.
  • Avoid wearing loose cargo shorts. They are outdated and, if overdone, look awful.
  • Keep accessories minimal. Shorts are best suited for casual occasions, so let’s maintain that vibe.
  • Excessive distressing can appear unkempt and may not achieve the desired style you seek. It’s better to find the classic looks that have stayed in style for years.
  • Avoid choosing flashy fashions. Select the lighter-coloured, simpler ones.

Well, different types of shorts for men have moved beyond casual wear to become a norm of modern men’s daily wear. So, this summer, wear something casual and complete the fashion with stylish shorts for men. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of shorts look good on men?

Different types of shorts may go with men’s styles, such as cargo shorts for a casual and functional look, and chino shorts for a stylish and comfy look. If you want comfort, choose baggy and loose-fitting shorts. For summertime happiness, you can get the ideal fit and look by trying out several styles.

2. How do shorts fit men?

A pair of shorts shouldn’t cling tightly to your skin. When trying them on, ensure there is some room between the fabric and your legs for comfortable wear. If you notice that shorts often feel snug around your thighs, consider opting for big and tall for a more relaxed and comfortable fit.

3. What shirts go best with shorts?

A simple T-shirt and a pair of shorts can be worn casually. A clean white round-neck shirt pairs well with many shorts for a casual appearance, or tuck it in for a more formal approach. You may get an easy classy style by teaming long-sleeved striped shirts with chino shorts.

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