12 Types of Shorts for Women & Girls Must Try

Types of shorts for women

Shorts are among the most comfortable wear, especially for summer days. With changing fashion trends, shorts have become a favourite everyday wear for women and young girls. However, they are no longer limited to only nightwear and have become one of the fashionable outfits for girls. Today, different types of shorts for women are available and they have completely revolutionised the fashion world.

 Each type is made with different materials and comes in varied styles. So, you can pair them with several accessories, tops, and footwear of your choice to obtain a smart casual look for both the night and daytime. Often, you may get confused completely. That’s the reason we’ve come up with a list of 12 types of shorts for girls that are versatile and look good in almost all body types. Check out the list and pick the one that is appropriate for your personality. 

12 Best Types of Shorts for Women

1. Printed Cotton Shorts for Girl

Printed cotton shorts for girl

What’s better than cotton? Cotton Shorts are among the best types of shorts that not only offer style but are quite comfortable to wear. A pair of printed shorts will be the best pick if you are planning a vacation in Goa or any other beach. Printed ladies’ cotton shorts will help you to remain comfortable in scorching hot and humid weather. However, you can wear these types of shorts on any casual occasion and it will instantly remind you of the beach. These days you can find different colours and prints of cotton shorts like floral, polka dots, stripes, tribal, and much more. To add charm to your look, pair a printed silk shirt or a light cotton shirt, or a printed tee with your cool printed shorts. 

2. Feline Print Silk Shorts

Feline print silk shorts

Feline prints that are commonly animal claw prints are quite common these days among young girls. However, you can style them irrespective of your age as these shorts offer you a modern look. Feline shorts for girls are an excellent pick for any casual occasion. The silk shorts in feline prints will instantly put you in a mood. These types of shorts are trendy and modern and can be worn for a date night. Of course, not on your first date! Many women hesitate wearing feline print shorts but this is one of the most trending options. You can even add a chunky gold necklace and good hoops for a classy look. An oversized pair of sunglasses with a satin camisole top with these types of shorts for women will be the trendiest option.

3. Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts for women

There was a time when pleated shorts were considered a fashion offence. But today this type of short pants for girls is considered fashionable. When paired well and accessorised properly these shorts can be worn to professional meetings as well. Pleated shorts are the ones that offer more coverage than any other type of short pants for girls as they have wider legs. You can easily style them for a day out at the mall, lazy Sunday brunches, or at friends’ get-together parties. However, at times it may get tricky to style pleated shorts and if you pair it with the wrong top wear or accessories then you may appear disastrous. White t-shirts with an oversized blazer are one of the perfect combinations with pleated shorts. You shouldn’t opt for shirts with these hot shorts for women. 

4. Denim Shorts for Women

Denim shorts for women

In general, denim is the most stylish type of fabric. Be it shirts, trousers, or hot pants they make you instantly ready for any occasion. The ever-stylish jeans shorts for girls are classy and trendy. When it is about stylish denims you don’t have to think much about styling them. Whether you have plans to go out with your girl gang or on a date with your partner then denim shorts are the best pick. You can pair them with either solid colour t-shirts or printed tees of any colour. For accessories, you can add simple, silver jewellery as that will offer a classy finish to your overall look. 

5. Skorts for Women

Skorts for women

Anything between a skirt and shorts is known as skorts. These hot shorts for ladies are quite edgy and stylish. They are available in varied types of fabric ranging from cotton to polyester. Irrespective of the type of fabric you choose, they are damn comfortable to wear. If you are someone who doesn’t feel too comfortable in shorts but still has the desire to style in hot pants then Skorts are for you. It reduces the chafing of thighs and makes you feel comfortable. You can choose chequered Skorts and combine them with a full-sleeved bodysuit of any solid colour for a cool and modern look. Add some chunky rings on your finders for completing this cosmopolitan attire. 

6. Linen Shorts for Women

Linen shorts for women

When you look for comfort, there’s no comparison with cotton shorts but linen shorts are equally good. These types of hot pants are made of linen which is a soft fabric and quite similar to cotton. If you are confused about the type of shorts you must wear when it is hot and sultry outside, then without thinking much opt for linen shorts. Pastel colour linen hot pants for women can be combined with any type of top or t-shirt. However, pastel colour t-shirts will look cool with this type of girl’s shorts. Block heels or sneakers will blend with this outfit and will make you appear hot and stylish.  

7. Roll-Up Shorts

Roll-up shorts for women

If you are looking for the most flattering sexy shorts for women then try Roll-up Shorts! Roll-up shorts are among the different types of shorts that offer you a fashionable appearance. Basically, roll-up shorts are the ones that are rolled one or two inches from the cuff. These days they are available in a variety of fabric types like denim, linen, or cotton. In fact, you can convert all types of shorts into roll-up shorts by yourself. These are classy shorts that will never go out of fashion. Even if you are looking for shorts for a girl child then you can opt for this. To get a fashionable look, choose high-waisted roll-up shorts and combine them with a bikini top or a puffed-sleeve crop top. Curl loose hairstyles will complete your sexy appearance. 

8. Lounge Shorts for Women

Lounge shorts for women

We all want to stay comfortable and relaxed at our homes. Loose shorts for girls are the best ones to opt for to remain comfortable at home. Lounge shorts are such half-pants for girls that are not confined to any particular way of styling. They are ultra comfortable and are available in different fits and fabrics. You can choose both silk and cotton fabric for these types of shorts. Both printed and plain lounge shorts are appropriate. You can try this short pants and top combination to wear for any beach outing or when you are in a resort and just want to chill by sipping your coffee sitting on the lounge chair. 

9. Booty Shorts for Women

Booty shorts for women

Booty Shorts are ladies’ sexy shorts that are usually loved by young girls. It’s no longer restricted to only young girls but women of all ages can wear it for a sexy look. These bum shorts for ladies are long enough to cover just your bum. Girls in shorts, especially booty shorts look even more hot when they have thick thighs. Although the booty shorts for women are too small but still end up making you appear sexy. A tank top or just a sports bra can be combined with this for an overall sexy look. To finish up your sexy look, opt for knee-high boots and white pearl hoops with chocolate brown lipstick.

10. Cut Off Shorts

Cut off shorts for women

Denim shorts are quite popular and cut-off shorts are just a type of denim shorts. In fact, it’s just that denim shorts are literally cut off or you can say a pair of jeans have been cut off to make it shorts. These mini shorts for ladies are quite in trend. The frayed hemline makes it look trendy and modern and you can style them for any casual occasion just like the way you style denim shorts. If you are fond of shorts and you are looking for stylish shorts for girls then this one should be on your checklist. Including cut-off shorts is non-negotiable and it is like a must-have for anyone fond of shorts. 

11. Scalloped Shorts

Scalloped shorts for women

Hot girls in shorts appear fun and cute. The best type of shorts that can accomplish both these things at a time is Scalloped Shorts. Basically, these are nothing different but the same basic shorts with just scalloped edges. Often they are available in amazing fun prints or with laced edges. If you are looking for cute shorts for girls then you can give a try to the scalloped shorts. Combine a snug blouse or a crop top with this type of shorts. A loose bun and a flip-flop will surely complement your overall look. 

12. Paper Bag Shorts

Paper bag shorts for women

Right now, paper bag shorts are in vogue and any girl in short pants of this type appears fashionable. Typically paper bag shorts are the types of shorts that have wide leg space and are cinched at the waist. Usually, they come with a detachable belt. Both cotton paper and corduroy paper bag shorts are famous. You can wear this hot short pants and top combination, for your date night. In case you combine a shirt with these shorts then make sure to tuck your shirt it will surely enhance your appearance. 

It’s your body and your choice, so girls, you can wear any type of shorts that you like. We’ve discussed here shorts to wear at home to the ones that you can wear on date night. You know your purpose well so go ahead and choose accordingly. Moreover, don’t give much importance to your age or weight, these are the elements that don’t matter much. All that matters is what you feel comfortable wearing. Just remember to choose the right type of accessories and style every type of shorts you like!

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