20 Types of Slippers for Women & How To Style Them

Types of slippers for women

Slippers are the hidden companions of comfort and style, offering women cosy protection for their feet after a long day. It can be somewhat stressful to decide how to style slippers because there are different types of slippers for women available. Well, undoubtedly a good pair of slippers can improve your outfit and make you more comfortable. They provide support to your feet, no matter whether you’re doing regular chores or attending work-from-home meetings. If you are thinking about buying new slippers but are doubtful about which ones will best suit your needs, this blog will talk about the different types of slippers for women, along with tips on how to style them easily. 

How to Style Slippers?

If you wish to start your mornings in comfort and style, it is worth investing some time to explore your options and find a nice pair of slippers. Styling slippers are the perfect approach to add stylish comfort to your daily outfits. So style them to show your personality and fashion. 

20 Types of Slippers for Women

1. Flip Flop slippers

Women’s flip flop type slippers boast a diverse range, from basic rubber to embellished and printed designs. They feature the iconic Y-shaped thong and flat sole for easy slip-on comfort. Few types of flip flop slippers come with extra features like cushioned soles for added comfort or arch support. Basic rubber variants offer simplicity and functionality, while embellished options with beads or sequins add flair. Wedge or platform variations elevate casual wear, providing both style and support. 

Well, you can easily wear these women’s footwear in warm weather, perfect for strolls as well as beach days. Apart from that, you may use them for an instant trip to nearby shops or malls!

2. Slide slippers

In the list of types of ladies’ slippers, slide slippers, often known as slides, are a trendy footwear option that has an open toe and a single strap that crosses over the foot. They are popular for casual wear because of their casual design and comfort.  On average made of rubber or another flexible material, slide footwear has a flat sole that allows for easy mobility. Available in various colours, patterns, and materials, they offer versatility to match different outfits and occasions. People commonly wear slider footwear when stepping into or out of the shower.

3. Toe Ring slippers

A category of types of female slippers known as toe ring slippers has a unique design with a loop or ring that fits tightly around the big toe to secure the slipper in place. They are different from traditional slip-ons or flip-flops by this unique feature. Providing a comfortable and stylish combination, toe ring types of slippers for ladies are easy to wear and enhance casual outfits. Toe ring slippers are often made of soft, durable materials that fit comfortably and supportively. In ancient India, toe rings were commonly worn by women to show their marital status.

4. Mule Type slippers

A stylish choice in footwear, ladies’ mule type slippers have a closed-toe and an open back style. Easy to slip on and take off, they are perfect for everyday use. Because mules are available in many different kinds of materials, such as leather, and fabric, you may benefit from both ease and style. Mule slippers are available in a range of heel heights to suit all kinds of preferences and requirements. One can easily pair them with casual jeans or a chic dress to instantly dress up any outfit. A useful addition to any closet is a chic pair of mules, suitable for every season—fall, winter, or summer. 

5. Denim slippers

How can we overlook the unique style of denim slippers? These ladies’ slipper types are an ideal choice for many different kinds of occasions because they blend the ease of denim with the casual grace of a slip-on style. For all-day comfort, they basically have a cushioned footbed and a soft denim upper. These new type slippers look well with jeans, shorts, or even summer dresses because of their durable design. 

6. Clog type slippers

How can one incorporate clog type slippers into their footwear collection? Different types of slippers like these are a good option for anyone looking for extra support for their indoor footwear because of their closed-front design, which provides an increased level of coverage and security. Clog footwear is basically associated with indoor usage, undoubtedly they can be worn outside the house as well. Apart from that, they offer a chance to easily blend comfort and style, making a statement even during outdoor adventures.

7. Wedge slippers

As we know women can feel comfortable in a variety of footwear styles, wedges are a more calming option than those uncomfortable heels that are painful for your feet. Wedges are the new type of slippers that provide a cosy option that works well with many outfits and situations. The unique wedge-shaped sole, adding height without sacrificing comfort, ensures stability. You can easily wear them with both fancy and casual outfits, whether you’re heading to a garden party or brunch with friends. Wedge footwear is good for short women because it will straighten their posture and give them an extra few inches of height. 

8. Faux fur slippers

Most soft types of slippers for women, faux fur slippers offer luxurious comfort and warmth. Made from high-quality faux fur materials, they easily cover your feet in plush softness. Faux fur slippers are one of the best options for warm weather. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mix of comfort and style, they are a good choice. Also when you walk about, the footbed feels soft. Equally useful, the grip outsole prevents you from slipping both indoors and outdoors. 

9. Two strap slippers

Experiencing a recent spike in demand, two-strap sandals draw inspiration from the iconic Birkenstock type slippers. As the name implies, these types of female slippers have two broad cross-straps that go around the foot horizontally. Most pairs have a slip-on style, while slingback two-strap footwear with two straps is also commonly seen. No matter if you’re strolling along the beach or running errands in the city, they offer both comfort and style for any casual outing.

10. Three strap slippers

Among different types of slippers for ladies, three-strap slippers are stylish and practical footwear with three straps. They come in many colours and materials like leather or fabric. For any occasion, whether it’s casual or fancy, these footwear are comfy and look good. From casual hangouts to special occasions, no doubt they are your go-to choice. And the best part? You can easily adjust the straps for that perfect fit. As we can say, every step is like walking on clouds. 

11. Kolhapuri slippers

One of the beloved Indian footwear styles, Kolhapuri slippers have a special place in fashion culture. Originating from the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, Kolhapuri chappals are a style of open-toed sandals, primarily crafted by hand using leather. A t-shaped strap that wraps around the big toe and ends in a wide band across the instep is included with them. Having its origin in the 12th century, this traditional footwear style has an exciting history. And what is the best part? The newer versions are available now with a broad choice of materials, embellishments, and design patterns.

12. Cross type slippers

Ladies, are you in search of a comfortable and stylish option for your feet? Have you ever thought about trying cross type slippers? These ladies’ slippers types not only provide support but also add a touch of trendiness to your look with their unique criss-cross strap design. You can easily find a pair to match your style with various materials and colours available. Plus, the slip-on design ensures convenience for everyday wear. So why not upgrade your footwear match by wearing a pair of cross-type sandals?

13. Shearling slippers

Cosy slippers made of sheepskin with the wool still attached are called shearling slippers. They’re perfect for wearing indoors throughout the winter months because they’re really cosy and warm. Shearling-lined shoes and jeans are a classic combination. Shearling that is incredibly soft contrasts beautifully and stylishly with denim that is woven and silky. An iconic fall outfit could consist of high-waisted jeans, a flannel shirt loosely tucked in at the waist, and a shearling-lined slide. 

14. Bow flat slippers

One of the trendy types of slippers for women is bow flats. A distinctive bow, which is often seen at the toe or vamp of the slipper, is what makes them unique. They have a flat sole for ease of usage. The bows can be made in a variety of ways, from big and ornate to modest and plain. Bow flat slippers are frequently made of a variety of materials, including velvet and satin, which are luxurious, and cotton or synthetic mixes, which are more casual. 

15. Embroidered slippers

Nowadays, women love to wear embroidered slippers. With their beautiful embroidery patterns that elevate footwear to a work of art, embroidered slippers are a chic mix of comfort and style. In plenty of styles, from beautiful flower patterns to striking geometric designs, you can find embroidered sandals. Regarding style ideas, you can easily wear embroidered slippers with your casual and formal attire. On the other hand, the combination of embroidered sandals and a chic kurta is one of the best options for styling. 

16. Ballet slippers

The name ballet slippers implies footwear worn by dancers, and these sandals are stylish, comfortable, and perfect for daily wear. The majority of the time, these shoe type slippers for ladies will have no heel at all or a tiny heel. They usually have round toes, are close-toed, and have a thin sole. It is also known as Ballet flats and is lightweight footwear. You can easily wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, and a variety of other ensembles. 

17. Bootie type slippers

Similar to tiny boots, bootie type slippers are made to be stylish and toasty. Usually, they have an uppercut that falls over the ankle to offer further warmth and coverage. During the winter months, these slippers are perfect for relaxing in the house because they typically have soft, fluffy cushions that keep your feet warm and comfortable. Boot type slippers are made of knitted wool or fuzzy fleece, and their non-slip bottoms provide extra traction on flat surfaces. 

18. Crochet slippers

One kind of slipper that is made by hand using the crochet technique is the crochet slipper. Usually constructed of yarn, the fabric is made both pleasant and flexible by the crochet stitches. The ability to personalise crochet slippers to the wearer’s preferred style and foot size is one of its benefits. They can have straightforward slip-on patterns, bootie-style slippers, or even more elaborate patterns with embellishments like buttons or pom-poms.

19. Moccasin Slippers

In the types of ladies’ slippers list moccasin slippers are one of the popular ones among stylish women. Moccasins are a type of slip-on women’s shoe type slippers that are often constructed of soft leather or deerskin. A moccasin’s sole is usually flexible and soft, and it doesn’t appear to have a heel. Moccasins differ from loafers by their origin and material; the latter are manufactured entirely of a single piece of material and have unique elements like ornamental laces and noticeable soles. 

20. Scuff Slippers

Usually, the scuff slipper has a flat bottom and a rough texture. The purpose of the rough bottom is to provide a grip for those moving around the house. Although the bottom scuff is safe to be worn on wood floors, it will just provide you with the necessary grip to prevent slipping. A scuff slipper is typically similar to a slip-on slipper. Some of the patterns and motifs are so lovely that you could wear them around your house all day. Scuff ladies’ slipper types come in many different styles.

Slippers protect our feet as well as offer comfort. And with the right pair, you can keep your feet cosy and stylish. Whether you prefer the warmth of shearling, the coverage of bootie-style, the handmade charm of crochet, or the convenience of scuff slippers, there’s a perfect choice for every woman. So choose your perfect pair of slippers from the list of types of slippers for women mentioned above. 

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