20 Unique Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

20 unique non cheesy valentine’s day gifts for him

Valentine’s day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the love between couples. Gifting is one of the major parts of this celebration and it makes your man happy. Flowers, Chocolates, and candies have become common gifting options. Are you looking for unique and different gifting options this valentine’s day for your man? Yes! Then read this blog. You will get 20 unique yet non-cheesy valentine’s day gift ideas for him. 

Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be challenging especially when you’re a new couple and celebrating valentine’s day together. If your taste is to choose genuine gifts instead of cheesy ones then the list mentioned below will be helpful for you. All the gifts mentioned below are useful and will surely make your man feel special this valentine’s day. 

1. An uncommon Book: When you look at a book in a store, you will instantly know whether it’s your man’s taste or not. The right way to gift it to him and make him special on valentine’s day is to gift him a good book. This is among those non-cheesy valentine’s day gifts for him that will surely make him happy and he will enjoy reading it throughout. 

An uncommon book

2. Digital Instant Print Camera: With the increasing Instagram craze, people’s liking for instant print cameras has increased manifold. You can capture images of your lovable moments and cherish them forever. Take it on vacation together and take pictures that can be framed and hung up when you are once back. It will be one of the non-cheesy valentine’s gifts for him that you both can use and create memories. 

Digital instant print camera

3. Love Lingual Card Game: This game is designed in such a way that it will bring you and your partner closer than ever. If you are looking for a non-cheesy Valentine’s day gift for him that could help you to enhance quality time together then this is the best option. Some couples enjoy playing games when they are on road trips with their partners and for those trips, this would be the best option. 

Love lingual card game

4. Classy Black Shirt: There’s rarely a man who is not fond of black shirts. If you want to choose a valentine’s day gift for him that’s not cheesy then opt for a classy black shirt. Before selecting this option you should ensure that he doesn’t have it already. That much you could definitely find out! Always choose from reputed brands like Hiscraves so that quality is excellent and your man remains comfortable in it. Some brands tend to offer black shirts in a glossy finish, which won’t be great on every man so pick the one that will make your man look smart and stylish. 

Classic black tshirt

5. Couple Key chain: Recently, you found that your man needs a key chain. If you don’t want to invest too much money yet want to choose a non-cheesy valentine’s day gift for him then gift a couple key chains. A cute, comical couple key chain will surely remind him about you whenever he uses it. While gifting your man it’s a good idea to remain a bit funny while avoiding being too cheesy. 

Couple key chain

6. Beard Kit: Beard care is one of the important daily regimens of any man. You can give him good quality moisturising shampoos and conditioners that cleanse and moisturise coarse and curly natural hair. Some of the good brands’ beard kits do the same care for his beard. A good branded kit contains wash, detangler, conditioning oil, and beard balm. 

Beard kit

7. Stylish Colour-blocked t-shirts: A piece of stylish garment is always one of the best non-cheesy valentine’s day gift ideas. You can select a stylish colour block t-shirt in dual colour tones from Hiscraves for your man. Make sure the colours are his favourite and it suits his personality.

Stylish colorblock tshirt

8. Leather Wallet: Whenever it’s about gifting a man, a leather wallet is all that you need. It is the easiest non-cheesy valentine’s day gift for him because you can choose a classic leather wallet even if you are still unaware of his choice of clothes. This gift option is totally neutral and elegant and if you choose a bigger than the average wallet then it will be a great travel piece.  

Leather wallet

9. A hoodie: For all those who have a rockstar boyfriend or who like to dance to music on the floor, can choose a hoodie as a gift. If you want to choose a non-cheesy valentine’s day gift for your rockstar man a graphically printed hoodie for men will be the best choice. You can gift a plain, neutral hoodie in case your man is calm and quiet. 

A hoodie

10. Tech Case:  When your loved one is someone who loves travelling and you are wondering what to get them then a tech case can be a non-cheesy valentine’s day gift for him. A tech case is a type of case or box that is used to arrange cords and wires. It allows to keep the wires organised and tangle-free while travelling. 

Tech case

11. Beanie Hat: In case you are such a person who doesn’t believe much in gifts or your boyfriend is one among them then surely a simple beanie hat would make him happy. These days beanie hats are quite popular among youngsters. Getting one in a trending colour will be one of the non-cheesy valentine’s day gifts for him. 

Beanie hat

12. Striped Polo T-shirts: A polo t-shirt is worn for casual occasions as well as semi-formal events. If you want to gift your man something that he can use thoroughly then there can’t be any better option than a striped polo t-shirt. The only thing you need to remain cautious about while selecting a striped polo t-shirt is to choose the colours that are appropriate for the personality of your man. 

Striped polo tshirt

13. Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil set: Gift your man calm and relaxing nights with an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oil set. An essential oil set includes scents that offer sensual vibes to relax and energise your mind. Indeed it is not a cheesy valentine’s day gift for him. 

Aromatherapy diffuser essential oil set

14. Trimmer: Every man needs a good trimmer for keeping their beard in shape. If your man still doesn’t own his favourite trimmer then this valentine’s day it’s your chance to gift him one. A good quality trimmer is one that allows one to keep a curly, kinky texture beard trimmed. On one charge it can last for at least 6 hours and cleaning it is also quite easy. 


15. Fitness activity tracker watch: These days boys are fitness freaks and if you want to gift them something associated with fitness then there can’t be a better option than a fitness activity tracker watch. This watch tends to track your regular activity and keep you competitive by tracking your step goals together. 

Fitness activity tracker watch

16. T-shirt with love quotes: Though it may sound cheesy but there can’t be any better valentine’s day gifts for a boyfriend. Lots of t-shirts in a neutral colour like white, off-white, grey, black, and red with beautiful love quotes are available on Hiscraves. You can select any colour option with an appropriate quote for your man. 

T shirt with love quotes

17. T-shirts with love prints: You can choose a t-shirt with prints that depict love. Some love prints include hearts, twinning hearts with balloons, two mickey mice kissing, and a lot more. Choose the prints that are suitable for your man and also pick prints that they can wear without any hesitation. 

T shirts with love prints

18. Travel Backpack: If your partner loves travelling or hiking then a foldable, packable backpack is the appropriate valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. It can easily be stored and carried wherever he likes. A backpack is a great option for trekking and related day-to-day activities. 

Travel backpack

19. Coffee Machine: Is your boyfriend a coffee lover? If yes, then a coffee machine would be one of the best non-cheesy valentine’s day gifts for him. This has to be the most functional gift that you can buy as it makes every type of coffee from espresso to lattes.  

Coffee machine

20. A regular fit random t-shirt: Pick a regular fit, random t-shirt in graphic print, striped or colourblocked and that will be an appropriate gifting option for your boyfriend. When you are in confusion about the non-cheesy gifting options then this could be the best one. Make sure to select unique colours and designs that make your man appear charming and stylish.


Valentine’s day is a special day for all lovable couples. Irrespective of the fact that you have just started dating or you are with your man for years, you may not always like to celebrate the special day in a cheesy way. In that case, a non-cheesy valentine’s day gift for him will be the best option. In this blog, you have already got 20 unique and new non-cheesy gift ideas for your man. Choose any of these gift options and make it usable for your man. Celebrate this valentine’s day in the most non-cheesy and unique way to make it a memorable one for both!

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