What to Wear in Maldives in 2023: Maldives Dressing Style for Men & Women

Maldives dressing style for men & women

In recent times, Maldives has emerged as one of the prominent tourist destinations for vacation. Tourists across the world visit Maldives to spend their holidays in awe-inspiring ways. It is a tropical paradise that is perfect for nature lovers. The mesmerising beaches and clear blue skies have something magical in them. Have you already planned your Maldives trip? If yes, start Packing! This blog will help to decide dresses for the Maldives trip so that you can pack your bags smartly and look your best on the trip.  

Whether you want to go for a honeymoon or have a fun trip with friends, Maldives is the perfect destination for all. Today, many couples plan their destination wedding here. Exploring Maldives is quite interesting but there are few dresses that are not allowed at certain places in Maldives. So, you must make your selection of clothes correctly. Check out the ideas and suggestions mentioned in this blog and pack your bags accordingly.  

What to Wear in Maldives Trip

For beach time, breakfast, lunch, relaxation, and dinner times, there are different dress options. But before we start a discussion regarding the outfit ideas, you must make important notes about the dresses that you can opt for while spending your holidays in the Maldives. If you are looking for dresses for a honeymoon in the Maldives then also these points will be useful. Check out below mentioned suggestions regarding the dresses:

  • When deciding the dresses to wear in Maldives, the most vital point to consider is comfort. Whatever you wear, it should be comfortable and make you feel relaxed. 
  • Nudity is completely restricted in the Maldives so you must remain cautious while choosing your dresses. Especially for females, going topless is absolutely restricted. Whether you are male or female you must remain modest and dress decently.
  • The dress codes for restaurants may vary from resort to resort but both men and women should avoid swimwear and sportswear. Men can’t wear sleeveless shirts so make your selections smartly. 
  • Smart casual clothes like t-shirts, shirts with sleeves and collars, tailored trousers, shorts to the knee, and chinos are the recommended clothing options for men. 
  • Temperature doesn’t drop too much even at night, so no need to pack jackets or sweaters. Choose clothes that are made of breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk. 
  • During day time, it is really hot so pack a good quality, high SPF sunscreen with you. 

What to wear in Maldives at different locations? 

Now, let’s come to the main part of the blog which is clothes for the Maldives. Different locations and areas demand different dressings. So, you must dress up according to the place keeping in mind your comfort. We’ll mention different outfit ideas for different places that you may visit during your trip to Maldives. Check out the ideas below: 

While Travelling

 Your trip to Maldives will begin with transit and for that your dresses matter. While discussing Maldives clothes to wear, let’s begin with the outfits that you can wear on the flight. Remember, the climate there is topical throughout the year. Whether you are travelling from hotter regions or colder regions, wear summer clothes on the flight too. Once you reach your destination you will be in the same clothes so it should be according to the climate of Maldives.  

 Travelling Outfit ideas for men: 

Men can choose a comfortable pair of jeans or chinos and club it with a cotton, crew neck t-shirt in short sleeves and you are ready for your trip to the Maldives. Add sneakers and a pair of sunglasses to glam up your look. You can also add a scarf in case you feel too cold on the aeroplane. 

Travelling Outfit ideas for women

While travelling to the Maldives, women should dress up casually in smart clothing options. Choose loose layers for flying and bring a scarf in your hand luggage. You can cover yourself with a scarf on the plane or boat if it gets too breezy when you get transferred to your resort. Instead of a boat if you choose to travel by seaplane then check luggage allowances before packing your bags as many airlines have restrictions for luggage.

While in Maldives’ Resort

One of the popular staying options in the Maldives is resorts. Different categories of resorts are available, small, big, and luxurious. So, when you are planning to stay in resorts then pack your clothes accordingly. Firstly, choose the options in which you feel comfortable. Then comes the style so the clothes should be both stylish and comfortable. In case you are on your honeymoon then make sure you choose some beautiful designer outfits in vibrant colour options as honeymoon clothes for Maldives should be vibrant yet decent. Of course, the fabric should be comfortable enough to tackle hot weather conditions. 

 Resort Outfit Ideas for Men

White colour honeymoon dresses for the Maldives are a perfect choice for the temperature. One of the Maldives’ outfit ideas includes dressing up in light coloured short sleeve shirts with shorts. Make sure the shirt is made from super soft cotton fabric. You can also choose crew neck or henley neck light blue or white t-shirts with multi colour shorts. Chinos or jeans can also be paired with this combination. Mix and match colour options to maintain the style statement and get into an elite look.

Resort Outfit Ideas for Women

If you have planned your honeymoon in one of the high-end resorts of Maldives then the honeymoon dresses for Maldives for both day and evening will be beach formal. Usually, women prefer to wear maxi dresses or beaded kaftans. Although if you are staying in a private villa and you don’t have plans to visit outdoors then you can wear mini skirts and denim shorts. However, the best outfits for women to wear in the Maldives are vibrant printed maxi dresses and kaftans. 

While on local Islands

Maldives is a Muslim country with lots of islands. You must have a local island visit in your itinerary when you stay in a resort located on one of these islands. While you plan to visit the local islands again it is expected that you wear conservative clothes. For women, even shorts and skirts are not allowed. That’s  because there are some mosques and religious sites on the islands that don’t allow such clothes. Even men need to cover their knees and shoulders while visiting these places. When you are deciding on Maldives dress style, you must consider your itinerary too.

Local Islands Outfit Ideas for Men

The best Maldives outfit idea will be chinos, jeans, or trousers paired with full sleeves or short sleeves shirts. As you don’t have many options to experiment with your looks so try different colour options and patterns of shirts. In place of shirts, you can also try different types of t-shirts like round neck, v-neck, and henley neck t-shirts. Always add sturdy shoes with your outfits as you need to walk a lot on dusty roads. 

Local Islands Outfit Ideas for women

As already discussed Maldives is a Muslim country with specific dress codes for both men and women, so while visiting local islands you need to remain cautious about your dresses. In case you have plans to visit a mosque or any religious sites then choose clothes that cover your knees as well as shoulders. Women have to cover their heads also so use a scarf for that. Choose a long sleeve linen dress in vibrant colour as an outfit for visiting local islands. Kimono is another great choice as it will cover you up and at the same time keep you comfortable in heat as well as you will look stylish. Some of the popular options for women are maxi dresses, long silky skirts, and colourful kimonos. 

While on Beach or Pool

Maldives is all about water and lots of water activities. You can enjoy on beaches or in pools of resorts. While you are in your private resort pools you can wear swimwear and comfortably enjoy your time in the water. As per the Maldives dress code, you can’t wear swimwear in public places. For the safer side, you must carry reef shoes with you. Usually, in the daytime, you will be lounging at the beach. For beachwear, you need to choose decent clothes. Choose clothes to wear in the Maldives in a neutral colour scheme. One or two shades brighter may also work but avoid too bright colours. 

Beach Outfit Ideas for Men

If you are wondering what to wear in Maldives when in water then segregate your clothes according to beach and pool. When you are visiting the beach combine a short sleeve t-shirt with neutral colour shorts.  You can experiment with the colour options, designs, and patterns of both t-shirts and shorts. Whereas when you want to relax in the private pool of your resort then dress up in swimwear. 

Beach Outfit Ideas for Women

The best beach outfit for women when in Maldives is a swimsuit. It looks chic and is sturdy to keep everything in place if you opt for any water sports activities at the beach. Choose vibrant colour swimsuits or ones with beautiful prints that will allow you to style elegantly for the beach. 

Henceforth, whenever you have plans to travel to Maldives and want to appear stylish, you must choose comfortable and relaxed dresses. Now, you have ideas to appear stylish and at the same time remain comfortable. Keep in mind Maldives dressing styles and pick your clothes accordingly. 

Have a pleasing Maldives trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to wear on Maldives beaches?

The best beach outfit for women in the Maldives is a swimsuit. For men, to relax in the private pool of a resort, swimwear is the best option. Whereas for beaches men can choose short sleeve T-shirt with shorts. Choose vibrant colours and floral prints and motifs dresses to look your best in beach wear. 

2. Are warm clothes required in the Maldives?

No, warm clothes are not required in Maldives as it is a tropical, humid destination. Avoid bringing warm, woollen clothes with you. Even when you bring accessories with your dresses try light and basic ones that will add charm to your outfits. 

3. What to wear in Maldives resorts?

The best clothes to wear in Maldives resorts for men is a light coloured short sleeve shirt with shorts. You should opt for cotton fabric clothes as that will impart you comfort in scorching hot weather. Whereas women can opt for maxi dresses and Kaftans in vibrant colours and cool prints. 

4. What types of dresses are allowed in Maldives’ mosques?

To visit a mosque or any religious site in the Maldives, you must select clothes covering your knees as well as shoulders. Women can opt for Kaftans and cover their heads with scarf whereas men can choose shirts or t-shirts and pair them with chinos or trousers. 

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