What to wear in Manali? Stunning Outfit Ideas for Men & Women

What to wear in manali? Stunning outfit ideas for men & women

An evergreen vacation destination in summer is ‘Manali’. Have you already booked your tickets? Are your bags ready? Not yet! Your vacation to Manali is near and you are still wondering what to pack in your bags. This blog is all about what to wear in Manali

We’ve come up with a comprehensive guide that not only talks about the outfits for Manali but also some knick and knack essential accessories that you may miss to add to your luggage. Go through this blog once and then start packing for your Manali trip. 

Mountains are most Indian’s favourite destinations, be it in winter or summer. Whenever you visit the Himalayas you’re going to have a unique experience. If you haven’t planned a trip to the mountains then Manali is a must-visit place in India. Before beginning your trip let’s explore first what to wear in Manali for both men and women. 

About Manali Weather 

In India, summers are quite hot across the country with varying temperatures. Most people look for a way out to get relief from the scorching heat during their vacation time and what can be better than Manali? When you decide what to wear in Manali, you should also consider its temperature. In summer the temperature may go up to 22 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. If you have plans to visit in winter to experience amazing snowfall then the clothes will definitely vary. Usually, winter in Manali is full of snowfall and the temperature falls below minus 5 degrees Celsius. So, pick your dresses according to the time of your vacation.  

What to Wear in Manali for Men?

1. Sweaters with Casual Outfits: Style out your Vacay

Be it old Bollywood movies or fashion shows, sweaters have been a style statement for a long time. A beautiful knitted sweater can actually make your casual outfit stand out from others. For casual outfits, men can choose to wear shirts or t-shirts depending on their liking and comfort. Include jeans, casual trousers, or chinos as bottoms with this outfit. Select a contrasting colour sweater to layer with your casual outfit and obtain a fabulous look. Adding boots with this outfit, shoes or sneakers will not be appropriate when your plan is to visit outdoor locations. In case you plan to stay indoors in the resort and hotel itself and enjoy your relaxing time there then you can opt for casual shoes.

2. Layer with Hoodies -Remain warm and cosy

Throughout the year Manali enjoys a cool climate but winters are a little harsh. This is the right destination to take out your favourite hoodies and style them on your vacation in summer. Whether you are looking for honeymoon dresses for Manali or just vacation wear, hoodies are a perfect choice. Select vibrant, solid colour hoodies and pair them with jeans for a classy yet happening look. Complete the look with classy boots that will allow you to remain comfortable and appear stunning on your Manali Trip. 

3. Style Sweatshirts like Pro

Sweatshirts are a great choice when you are looking for something that can keep you warm and cosy. Typically they are cotton jerseys used for fields or for playing. Still, many men use them as athletic wear. But it can be also styled on your trip to Manali with chinos or jeans for an astonishing look. You can remain warm in cooler temperatures and when you choose striped or printed sweatshirts as layering it can become a fashionable outfit for men. If you want to find what to wear in Manali that offers style and comfort at the same time choose colourful sweatshirts.   

4. Combine Travel T-shirts with denim: Be chic and smart

Men always have room for t-shirts. If you want to find what to wear in Manali that is smart yet comfortable then opt for your regular t-shirts. Full sleeve travel t-shirts can be combined with denim for a chic look. In the summer daytime in Manali the temperature is not too hot nor too cold, so you will need something that can balance the temperature and offer you a smart look. In that scenario, nothing can be better than a travel t-shirt in cool colours and prints. Combine them with your denim and your outfit for the daytime look is set. 

5. Ally of Trek pants with t-shirts in wintry prints

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is what to wear in Manali while planning a trip. Men always look for options that are not just comfy but stylish as well. If you have plans to trek in Manali or just roam around the narrow lanes of the mountains then trek pants are the best choice. Pair your trek pants with casual t-shirts and you will feel breathable and easy to move in the mountains. If you are planning to visit outdoor places and go trekking then avoid jeans or chinos. They are not at all comfortable moving in while hiking or exploring. Keep at least 2-3 trek pants or trousers with you if you have a week-long plan in Manali.  

What to wear in Manali for women?

1. Fashionable printed tops with Jeans

The universal casual and comfy outfit for women is the combination of printed tops with jeans. Then why not in Manali? Manali has cooler temperatures throughout the year so when you select your tops make sure they are not made from insulating material so that you remain warm in light cool temperatures. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops instead full sleeves or three-quarter ones are the best picks. Regular blue or black jeans are always the evergreen combination with the tops. In case you feel cold in the top then wear a thermal inner with it. 

2. Trendsetting Sweaters and Hoodies for chilling Manali

No matter whether you are travelling to Manali in summer, winter, or Monsoon, carry at least one or two sweaters and hoodies with you. Although adding just one layer is sufficient in summer, in winter months you will need more. According to the time of your travel pack your bags. These days beautiful printed sweaters and hoodies are available for women. You can also choose plain solid colour sweaters but make sure colour is not dull instead vibrant colours will make you appear bright and trendy. To create a fashionable outfit for women, wear your regular denim with casual tops or t-shirts and layer it with stylish sweaters. 

3. Layer with a decent winter jacket and keep away the chills

 From November to March in Manali, the climate is chilly and cold. If your visit is around this time then surely carry a winter jacket with you. To protect against the cold you will need to add multiple layers at times. During the night and early mornings in winter the temperature is in minus. So, if you want to enjoy the winters in Manali and at the same time remain protected then a good quality winter jacket is a must. Add brown boots with this combination and you can maintain the style statement while beating the chills. 

4. Spruce Shrugs with casual outfits

Manali may become windy at times, and cold breezes may feel bone chilling even in summer and monsoon. But again the temperature may become normal. So, if you feel a little colder than usual, add shrugs to your outfit. Women mostly prefer to wear tops and jeans as this is one of the most comfortable outfit options and stylish too. In case you opt for this outfit idea and still feel cold then shrugs are the best addition. These days cropped hip-length shrugs and knee-length shrugs are also available. You can choose any of them and style accordingly. If you have selected your top in bright colours then go for neutral colour shrugs. Complete your appearance with stylish accessories like warm,cosy wintry print caps or mufflers. 

5. Flaunt your favourite maxi dresses and wintrify it

Yes, you can actually choose to wear your favourite maxi dresses to the Manali trip. If you have been wondering what to wear in Manali for women and you haven’t got enough options suitable for you then take your maxi dresses with you. Usually, women prefer maxi dresses for a beach vacation but you can flaunt your dresses in the hills too. Just wear warm leggings inside and layer with a cardigan or coat on top. The same maxi dress will be winter ready. You can easily flaunt in style and remain warm on chilly days too.   

What to wear in Manali throughout the year

Manali is one of the popular tourist destinations of India. People across the globe visit this place throughout the year. Many tourists may have confusion about which clothes to wear in Manali while visiting there. Actually, the type of clothes you wear depends directly on the month of your visit. So, here we’re with month-wise details about what to wear in Manali.

What to wear in Manali in January?

Lots of people prefer to begin their new year in January with an exciting trip. If you are fond of adventure activities then visiting Manali this time of the year will be the right choice. You can go off skiing and that adds to your adventure. Many tourists across the world visit at this time, especially for Heli-skiing. If you want to know what to wear in Manali in January then you must consider the temperature which is around -5 degrees to 5 degrees. So, whenever you plan to visit Manali in January, you must have heavy woollen clothes with you. Get a snow dress and snowshoes on hire to get relief from the chilling cold when you visit Rohtang Pass. 

What to wear in Manali in February?

February is not as cold as January but the temperature varies between 0 degrees to 5 degree Celsius. Every week in this month Manali gets a snowfall. So, if you are someone who wants to experience snowfall then this is the month when you should plan your trip. Now, let’s come to the point of what to wear in Manali in February. Without a doubt, you need to keep heavy woollen clothing during this month. Usually, men prefer wearing feather jackets and gumboots, and locally ladies wear pattu (a traditional dress). A good quality winter jacket is highly recommended when you visit Manali in February. 

What to wear in Manali in March?

With the advent of March, the temperature in Manali starts rising. Usually, the temperature ranges between 3 to 8 degree Celsius. During the afternoon it is cold but quite bearable. However, mornings and evenings are still very cool. So, if you want to go out in the mornings and evenings in March you will need a winter jacket. But if you are wondering what to wear in Manali in March afternoons, a warm casual hoodie will serve the purpose very well. 

What to wear in Manali in April?

April is one of the best months to enjoy a trip to Manali as harsh winter subsidies and the temperature remains between 5 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius. That means the temperature remains pleasant throughout the day. There are many fairs in the city and you get to observe beautiful blossoms in the gardens. Now, the question arises what clothes to wear in Manali in April. You won’t need feathery jackets and opt for light clothes like stylish hoodies or sweatshirts with jeans and chinos.

What to wear in Manali in May?

Winter says goodbye to Manali till May and the maximum temperature shoots up to 22 degrees celsius and the minimum temperature is around 15-degree celsius. In the daytime, you may feel hot whereas, during mornings and evenings, there’s pleasant weather. If you are in doubt about what to wear in Manali in May then remember you won’t need heavy woollen clothes in this month. Light summery clothes are the best choice for a trip to Manali in May. Men can wear a T-shirt and jeans combination in case they feel cold so keep a few full sleeve t-shirts with you. Women prefer to wear Maxi dresses or tops and jeans combinations. Simply, you can add a shrug to these outfits if you feel the temperature is cool. 

What to wear in Manali in June?

In the month of June, the temperature ranges between 18 degrees celsius to 25 degrees celsius. Daytime it is very hot and sometimes you may feel the need for AC and Fan, however, mornings and evenings are quite pleasant. You can easily carry jeans and T-shirts or tops and jeans during this time. The clothes to wear in Manali in June won’t include heavy jackets and woollen clothes except if you have plans to visit the snow point. If you are in a dilemma about what to wear in Manali in June then no need to worry, simply keep light summery clothes to enjoy your pleasant trip. 

What to wear in Manali in July?

Monsoon arrives in Manali around the month of July. The temperature here this month ranges between 20 to 30 degree celsius. It is quite hot and humid in Manali during the rainy season. The snow cover in the mountains also starts vanishing. As most parts of India have summer and children have their vacation, lots of tourists prefer to visit Manali during this month. Now, let’s come to the point of what to wear in Manali in July. Men can opt for light cotton shirts or t-shirts whereas women can opt for floral dresses and tops. It is recommended to avoid visiting snow points at this time of the year as a lot of landslides are observed during June-August. 

What to wear in Manali in August?

In the month of August, the rain is in full force and the weather is too hot and humid. Usually, the temperature ranges between 22 to 33 degree celsius. When you say what to wear in Manali in August forget about carrying any woollen clothes, better you keep light summer clothes like t-shirts, tops, and dresses. Make sure you carry raincoats and rain coverings for baggage. By the end of August, the snow cover almost vanishes from the mountains. The water activities are also closed as the level of water in the lakes and rivers rises above normal. 

What to wear in Manali in September?

Just like July-August, the temperature ranges between 16 to 25 degrees celsius in September also. There is a marginal fall in temperature and it is still hot but not humid. You feel warm in the mornings and evenings so if you are packing for your trip to Manali and thinking about what to wear in Manali in September then pack all the exciting dresses with you. Women can easily wear knee-length dresses and even shorter one-piece dresses. Men can also opt for half-cargo pants with light t-shirts. 

What to wear in Manali in October?

With the advent of October, there is a sudden switch of temperature in Manali. Usually, the temperature ranges between 8 to 15 degree celsius. You may feel cold in the mornings and evenings so it is recommended to keep light sweaters. If you are confused about what to wear in Manali in October and pack woollen clothes or not then you must know that often mountain ranges get snowfall during this month. By the end of the month, there will be severe cold in Manali. Apart from the casual dresses, keep your light jackets, and sweaters with you. If you have plans to visit Rohtang Pass then pack heavy woollen clothes like heavy hoodies or jackets. 

What to wear in Manali in November?

It’s biting cold in Manali in the month of November with temperatures ranging between 3 to 10-degree celsius. In fact, November and December are considered the coldest months of the year in Manali. If you wonder what to wear in Manali in November then remember it’s the time of the year when only heavy woollen clothes can save you from the biting cold. Heavy woollen sweaters, winter jackets, puffer or bomber jackets, boots, and thick socks are a must to protect your body. Considering fashion statements, add colourful jackets, scarves, and mufflers to your outfits. 

What to wear in Manali in December?

As the temperature drops and remains between 0 to 3-degree celsius in Manali, so pack your clothes for the Manali trip in December accordingly. Heavy woollen clothes are a must have on your trip. Although it is so cold, this is the peak time for tourists to visit Manali for celebrating year-end vacations and snowfalls. If you are in doubt about what to wear in Manali in December as it is so cold at that time, in that case, you can pack high-neck sweaters, winter jackets, woollen pants, and good quality boots.

We’ve mentioned a comprehensive guide on the outfits that men and women can wear on their Manali Trip. Hope, now you have the answer to what to wear in Manali! 

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and start packing your bags. If you haven’t planned your trip yet, plan your trip to Manali in the near future. Indulge in some adventure and excitement from your regular life. 

Enjoy some chill in this scorching hot summer!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need woollen socks and gloves on a summer trip to Manali?

A. During summer Manali experiences pleasant weather. You will not need woollen socks or gloves but you can wear normal socks. However, these are small accessories that don’t acquire much space in your luggage so there is no harm in carrying them as in case you need you can find them handy. 

2. Are shorts suitable to wear in Manali?

A. Usually, men and women don’t prefer to wear shorts in Manali as the weather here is on colder notes throughout the year. If you want to remain relaxed by exploring outdoors you can wear shorts in summer and monsoon months. While hiking and exploring trek pants are considered the best option. In fact, many men and women avoid jeans and denim as moving around mountains becomes a bit difficult for them. For summer shorts can be an alternative option. Pair shorts with full sleeves t-shirts and you are set to explore Manali. 

3. What to wear in Manali in Winters?

A. In Manali, winters are quite harsh and chilly. Both men and women need to add two or more layers. Consider wearing thermals inside your outfit. Besides that, a good quality winter jacket or coat is a must. Depending on the cold at that moment you should choose your winter jacket. Thus, first, wear a thermal as the innermost layer then the t-shirt or top and finally layer with a winter jacket. 

4. What to wear in Manali In summer?

A.If you are visiting Manali during summer or monsoon then normal woollen clothes will be enough to protect you from the cold. Although the weather in Manali is quite unpredictable and suddenly it can become chilly so it is recommended that you bring at least one jacket with you. Women can carry shrugs or light denim jackets for the safer side. 

5. What types of shoes to wear in Manali?

A. If you want to move around your hotel or resort then Flip Flops or sandals are good enough but they are not appropriate to explore places around Manali. For nearby exploration in villages or for short hikes, casual shoes are a perfect choice. However, if you want to hike or trek, opt for trekking shoes only. These days lots of stylish trekking shoes are available. Choose the one that goes perfectly with your outfit. 

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