What to Wear with Men’s Boxers: Styling Tips and Outfit Ideas for Men’s Boxers

What to wear with men’s boxers

Who doesn’t want to remain comfortable and at the same time look stylish? Styling shouldn’t compromise with comfort and for that what can be better than shorts or boxers? Yes, with your shorts you can actually create styles to wear on certain casual occasions and appear fashionable. In fact, these amazing little bottoms are a gateway to style and comfort on summer days. In this blog, we’ll discuss different ideas to style shorts that can create a fashion statement. Read along and find out the tips!

Why are men’s shorts becoming popular?

Often men get confused between boxers or shorts and briefs. Briefs are basically men’s underwear whereas boxers are not underwear and can be worn on different occasions. Boxers are loose-fitting short-length bottom wear that is becoming popular day by day because of their comfort and ventilation. Moreover, they are easy to wash and quick to dry. 

These days the craze of styling in men’s shorts is so high that printed ones are also available. Many men opt for printed t-shirts and combine them with plain boxers. Whether you are already a fan of boxers or you are just a novice gathering ideas about styling them you can find some amazing styling ideas here to wear them in a perfect way. These days different types of boxers are available for different purposes. You must choose them according to your preferences and requirements. 

What combinations to wear with men’s shorts?

Boxers for men are the best option if you are looking for something breathable and comfortable to wear in hot scorching months. They are not only adaptable but great options for resting. Be it a night out or a casual pool party, get into your favourite boxers and you are all set to go. Let’s check out some ideas to style men’s shorts perfectly:

1. Combine with Shirts: 

For a laid-back, comfy look, try the combination of button-down shirts for men with shorts. Yes, shirts with shorts look great for a pool party. The shirts should be tucked in and if you want to add a few more elements then choose a classy belt for it. The right belt will highlight your waist and offer you a casual yet put-together look. To incorporate a little more, you can undo a couple of buttons on the shirts. Although when you choose a button-down shirt then wear a vest underneath as it will offer an extra dimension to your outfit. 

2. Pair up with a classic t-shirt: 

A simple, regular classic t-shirt can be worn with a short for a casual look. Whether you want to go for a walk or meet friends on a wet, rainy day, combine a classic t-shirt in plain bold colours with printed or plain shorts. You can also choose tees with slogans as that will instantly elevate your look. Add a jacket in case there are chilly winds after rain and you are all set to go out in your casual shorts. 

3. Choose oversized t-shirts with shorts:

If you want to obtain a rockstar look, then choose an oversized t-shirt with shorts. These days graphic print oversized t-shirts are highly in trend. You can choose such printed oversized tees and combine them with cool colour shorts. This combination will enable you to achieve a layered look. You can even tuck the half t-shirt inside and leave the half falling. For highlighting your waistline, add a belt to this outfit. 

4. Combine with Sweatshirts:

Put a sweatshirt with your shorts and that will be a perfect combination for a laid-back yet comfortable look. If you are not attending any party and just want to feel cosy and comfortable then opt for a plain neutral colour sweatshirt with your printed boxers. This will instantly allow you to get into a casual and cool look. In case your sweatshirt is longer in size then tuck the front into the boxers. 

5. Wear a hooded t-shirt with shorts:

Hoodie with shorts may sound like a weird combination but it is certainly street fashion. When you choose this combination make sure to opt for such hooded t-shirts that are appropriate for your boxer. For a stylish look, keep the hood up and tuck the hoodie into the boxer. To add some flair to the look, you can also use a belt on the hoodie. For this combination, you can also try colourful patterned hooded t-shirts. 

Accessories with men’s shorts outfits

Although the shorts outfit may sound quite simple, you can jazz up your overall look by just adding some accessories to it. These accessories will not only highlight your style but make you appear trendy. Take a look at the list of accessories mentioned for men that can be combined with a shorts outfit:

  • Watches: A watch can take your look to another level of fashion even when you have dressed up in your shorts outfit. A combination of denim shorts with colourful or patterned t-shirts will look cool when you choose to add a metal watch or a traditional leather strap watch with it. 
  • Hats: Usually, you want to look trendy in shorts when you are attending a beach or pool party. In the daytime, with the sun overhead a hat will be one of the best accessories to choose from. Stylish hats will not only save you from the hot sun but instantly offer you a laid-back appearance. Your overall outfit will appear more put together with this accessory. 
  • Socks: It is not only an accessory but an essential element. However, when you are dressing up for a summer daytime event wearing socks is not a good idea. But for a rockstar and funky look, choose some interesting colourful socks. You may select some eye-catching colours and designer socks. 
  • Sunglasses: Another cool accessory to include with men’s shorts outfit is a sunglass. In hot summer there can’t be any better accessories than sunglasses. If you wish to obtain a classic look, then opt for aviators or wayfarers whereas for a more vintage appearance try round frames. 

Including some of the accessories with men’s boxer outfits is a great way to enhance the overall look. You can try any of these accessories or include two or more of them for a charming appearance. However, you must keep a check that they shouldn’t dominate your outfit and rather complete it. 

Which types of footwear complement men’s shorts outfits?

Usually, when your bottom wear is jeans, trousers or chinos then the visibility of your shoes gets reduced. But when you are trying outfits with shorts then the shoes are loudly visible and must be such that they can add to your charm instead of making you look out of place. Below mentioned are some footwear options that you can give a try while opting for shorts outfits:

  • Flip Flops: On a beach or a vacation, a flip flop is the best footwear you can choose to pair with your boxers. It will make you look casual and stylish. Moreover, they are thoroughly comfortable to wear and are available in a huge range of colours and designs. Choose the one that blends well with your outfit. 
  • Sneakers: Sneakers are the most versatile footwear that complements almost all types of casual attires including shorts. Rather than choosing traditional sneakers, you can select colourful ones for obtaining a laid-back appearance. 
  • Loafers: Usually loafers are paired with formal types of outfits. In case you want to obtain a combination of classy and rocking look in your favourite t-shirts and boxer outfit then opt for loafers. A classic pair of brown or black leather loafers will enable you to add the required charm to your outfit. 
  • Sandals: The best combination for warmer months with shorts is a sandal. There are times when you want to appear casual and at the same time want easygoing attire. In that situation, a sandal is a perfect choice. However, you must try to select such colours that blend well with the colours of the boxers. 


The role of a boxer or shorts is not limited to the comfort of your house. This blog has already provided you insight into how simple shorts can allow you to create a fashionable style statement. These versatile and comfortable bottoms can be combined with various types of clothes to create the desired look. Whenever you choose to style in a boxer make sure you have selected the right size. You should appear comfortable in the boxers as the main purpose of opting for them is comfort. There are infinite ways to style boxers, choose the one that is as per your personality and the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to wear boxers for men?

Men can wear boxers in a number of ways. The boxers can be styled with shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, etc, to obtain a consistent look. Make sure to include the right set of accessories and footwear with them for a charming look. 

2. What length of shorts is perfect for an outfit for men?

To create an outfit with a combination of shorts, men should opt for shorts that fall a few inches above the knees. 

3. Can shirts be combined with men’s shorts?

Yes, men can combine shirts with shorts. In case the length of the shirt is too long then you can either tuck it completely or partially. 

4. What is the most common footwear that men prefer with shorts?

Usually, men prefer to wear flip-flops with shorts. They offer them comfort as well as help them to maintain their style statement. 

5. What type of watches can be worn with a short’s outfit?

Men can choose either leather or metal strap watches for their short’s outfits. 

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