Cancellation Policy

In case you want to cancel ordered items, the following terms and conditions apply:

You can only return the product that is not shipped yet or is not ready to ship. Once your order has been shipped from our end. You cannot cancel the product, in such cases, a refund is preferable. Please check the refund policy

Refund Policy

Once we received your request, we can verify the request, and once it is approved, we will let you know about the pickup schedule. We will process the amount once your pickup is successful.

In case of cancellation before shipment, we process the refund after receiving the cancellation request.

In case of cancellation once the shipment has already been dispatched or if it is being returned, we process the refund once the pickup is successful.


Customers need to provide their Bank Details or UPI information. Please note that Company will not be responsible for any amount credited to other accounts.

So please fill in the bank details and UPI in order to get the refunded amount

Any amount which does not belong to the customer directly, will not be refundable to the customer's personal Account(either saving, current, or recurring). Like the wallet amount used to order the product, will not be refundable to your personal account, the Coupon amount used will not be refundable to your personal bank account or any other company account. It will refundable to its original place.