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Hiscraves Striped T-shirt for Men: How to wear a striped t-shirt stylishly?

For a long time, striped shirts have been a wardrobe staple. Earlier people used to opt for striped shirts but later striped t-shirts also became popular. You can easily achieve a unique look with a striped t-shirt. However, choosing the way to wear a striped t-shirt so that you appear stylish can be a challenging task. Below we’ve shared some exciting tips to style a striped t-shirt effortlessly. 

What are the types of striped t-shirts?

Both men and women can wear these striped t-shirts to style on various occasions. Striped t-shirts are not formal wear, still, many people prefer them for formal occasions. Often, stripes of t-shirts look alike, in that case, all you need to consider is the colour of the strips of the t-shirts. Let’s check out the d...